The website content was developed by women living with HIV, for women living with HIV

Just Diagnosed

The first step is beginning to come to terms with our diagnosis. It’s important to understand that the wide range of feelings and emotions we are experiencing are completely normal. HIV is no longer a death sentence. With access to treatment care and support, we can still live long and fulfilling lives.

Your Sexual Health and Family Planning

Living with HIV will affect intimate relationships and our sex lives. Some women feel guilty or embarrassed about having HIV, or are really anxious about passing HIV to others. These are common reactions. Chances are, however, that you will want to have sex again; the good news is that there is no reason why you can’t.

Learning about the Treatment Options

From acceptance to action - managing our HIV. Once we know we are HIV positive, we can take steps to manage our health and give ourselves the best chance to prevent HIV from progressing. Gathering information about HIV and antiretroviral therapy (ART) will help us make the best of our situation.

About Peer Support

Peer support by, with and for women living with HIV creates an enabling environment for us to feel empowered and take control of our lives again after an HIV diagnosis. Shared experiences can address common concerns we may face, like stigma and disclosure. Personal support from another woman living with HIV can be uplifting, supportive and counters a sense of isolation.